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I loved mini skirts and when i got the hang of it, I started going to school in them. Little did I know the first time I was wearing it to school, it backfired. It was the second week of school, as a dare from a friend, I showed up at school in my new min skirt, which is about four or five inches above my knee; without panties. Coming down the stairs after third period, I quickly glanced back at someone I thought called my name. However, the minute I turned around, a guy coming up the stairs hit me, and I fell down the stairs. I landed head first, with my legs up, revealing my privates to everyone who wished to look. Recovering from shock, I couldn't cover myself up until after everyone around had seen it. I'm still addicted to minis, but will always wear panties (must have!). People still talk about the incident, and I don't think it will ever go away. 
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Tee hee... a woman after my own heart. I hope you'll check out my posts and possibly add me.<br />
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I wish i could have been there and got to see your *****, i think all girls should wear mini skirts and no knickers on

Smoking hot story. But it is too bad you wear panties now. :(

lmao... great story do not take it to seriolusly and keep wearing skirts comando style, we all have accidents, and in this case was all accidental... I know girls who do it on purpose and they are not ashamed either... lol<br />
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kisses<br />

i love mini skirts, too. but of course, wearing under garments

I'm so sorry for you. I'm thinking you might feel better if you simply makes some new pics for EP and discard your panties. I think deep down you secretly want to.

Dear, don't let one "em Bare *** ing" ******* moment keep you wearing those things. You are wearing them out of fear, what a shame that is. When that occured, I would not have shuttered up, and been scared, I would gether my self calmly, and gone on with the day. The moment has a shock to it, but don't be scared and regretfull, just get even. Thise ********, abd bithces that did this are most likley not in your life any longer. I have found over the years, that the less you react to it, the less the public does as well. The more you allow them to suffer, the more that they want to make you suffer. In the end just go a day or two with out the panties, and you will see, that the world is not a bad place, you just had on bad moment.

You seem to have recovered from the unexpected exposure pretty well. I wouldn't go out with a mini on with at least a thong on but then again, I have a little more that could be over exposed :).<br />
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Thanks for sharing this story and hope you still have fun wearing mini skirts, they really are fun to wear.

that's a funny story.