Exposed Thighs...

I have 20 something pairs of shorts, one of my two favorites is from Roxy, with flap-back pockets and dark wash. The other are ZCO, with star cutouts over the back pockets, possibly both bought from Tilly's online.  I ride bicycle everywhere i go, i live near downtown Austin, everything is accessible by bike. I have clean shaven, tanned, toned legs. My build is athletic to average.  It doesn't stop me from wearing 2" inseam shorts out, although it seems that everyone has a problem with it.  Does everybody else follow social standards for dress and fashion?!  Who sets them? Am I the only one who doesn't follow?

(minor details, i'll throw in.  I'm a 32yr old, straight male)

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I my self like to wear cutoff short shorts with 1" or zero inseam and off course no underwear coz, i'm a freeballer and I don't own any pair of underwear. I usually wear them at home and doing some activities outside home. <br />
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( minor details I'm 45 yrs old, Straight male)

My GF also tells me which of my shorts are too short as well. I agree with you - 'mens shorts' are rediculous to me, below the knee !? Are you kidding me?!!? It may as well be a dress. Fine if you need board shorts to do water-sport type activities... , but to walk around the mall or whatever..... sight-seeing while on vacation.. please!!! How ugly are those....