I Always Wanted....

to make friends with a pink glittered octupus that liked shoes and tea :-)

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9 Responses Mar 8, 2009

Bucket Please ........

Meeee Mawww .... Meeee Mawwww .... Meee Mawww<br />
<br />
(See the blue flashing Light )<br />
<br />
Evening all .......<br />
<br />
Inspector Hade ( Had Enough )....... From the EP health and safety Dept<br />
<br />
<br />
Rule 58 c : This group is in contravention of the group hug love thing ... without a bucket .<br />
<br />
Please ensure that a bucket is always at the ready when there is a spontaneous out pouring of sickly lovey huggyness.....<br />
<br />
I thank you ...evening all

Yeah flutts... I was going to say something to that effect... hehe

I think these guys are delusional! A kink means that you cannot walk right because their is a hitch in your walk. If the word had a "y", then it would serve their basic needs -kinky, that is what they need, kinks is what they have in their walks. lol

LOL!!! You girls certainly have gotten the guys attention with that little four letter word... "kink" hehehe!! :-)~

Yeah I did hear kink. That's why I hopped over here... hehe

kink? Did someone say kink????????

You are both wonderful ladies and great friends!

awww this is so sweet....<br />
<br />
you two are so lovely. :-)