Not only do I love Missbebe's tongue because it has tasted many a tequila like I have done, I love that tongue because it is part of a lovely loving amazing wonderful friend.


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I think Lil Wayne is into mature ladies.. really really mature ladies @_@

lol yeah, that's the best line in the whole song

"...and when I'm at the bottom she's Hillary Rodham" (c) Lil' Wayne, "Lollipop" <br />
<br />
hahahahaha that line makes me laugh still lol

lol wanna lick the wrapper

oopsies lol ummmm..... "She said l-l-l-l-l-l-lick like a lollipop" (c) Lil' Wayne.... a yessir O_O

haha thank you TUM :P

yeah... i think i fouled this post by mentioning his name lol

eww nooo Soulja Boy please haha :P

thank you missbebe again :)

Uh ohhhhhhh "Crank Dat Tongue" -dances and hops around like Soulja Boy...but not really..- lol

awwwwwww thank you lady :) xxxxxx


haha yeah it is!