Magic Of "spirited Away"

By chance my family happened to pick this movie just out of curiosity at a rental place. We were amazed at how nice the movie was. Story is good, the scenes and characters are simply amazing.

Since then we have bought every single DVD of Miyazaki and love watching it often.

He is a genius and one of a kind !!!

Love you Mr. Miyazaki !!!
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1 Response May 21, 2012

I agree, Miyazaki (I have such a hard time remembering his name!) is a total genius. They, his studio, do all the animation by hand! That is unheard of these days, especially for feature-length films. There is such a difference between most animation you see on TV these days and his... a world of difference.<br />
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I haven't seen all of them, but there was a festival on TV a few years ago and I saw many... Castle in the Sky, loved it, Spirited Away, love it, well, I love them all, My Neighbor Totoro, the one where the people change into animals because of human encroachment, Ponyo, love love loved Ponyo... <br />
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They are so creative! Creative and beautiful!