I Am A Warrior

It's more than just being a fighter, or a brawler. Brawlers win, you see it all the time in UFC. But eventually you get to see the real stars come through. The guys that are bigger than the USA tournaments. The ones that train all the time like their life and families are on the line. Because they are... when you go pro, that is your job. Your dreams and asspirations all come down to this. Your income and the way you support yourself and your loved ones depend on this. The direct result of your success will prove itself by exactly how much effort you put into preparing for this. How the hell can you give it any less than your best? A fighter won't care, win or lose, it's an experience. But a warrior puts it all out there. A warrior takes the fight beyond the cage. And the center of the ring is his home... no one else can dominate my home. I will fight to the death for my home, but I will fight with my mind and spirit, not to over power, but to out do and out think my opponent.

I've been a martial arts instructor for some time now. It's everything to me. I live and breath it, I eat it, I sleep with it, and I sure as hell wake up to it and feel it in my day to day life. What eats me now is my life, because as a warrior I also have to control and master my responsibilities. The battle for me goes far beyond the limits of the cage. I have family, I have an income to manage, I have my education to complete, all the things that people might have to deal with. I am not above the bounds of our society. But I am a strategist, and I do not give up. My life is going according to plan, and with enough strong will and perservierence I will become a fulltime professional fighter, and one day I will be the world champion. And once I am, I will continue to out-do my own achievements and those of others, always to raise the bar and strive for being the best.

In the meantime I strive for health of mind, soul, and body. I wish the best for my friends and loved ones, and I adhere myself to a strict code of moral values... I will fight for good and use my strengths and achievements to benefit the world. I will take what I have earned and turn it into a device that can be used to make others strive and succeed as well. I will not leave people behind, I will not pretend to be above or better than anybody else. I will teach what I have learned, and I will always take the harder road to success. I'm not afraid to fall along the way as long as I try hard as hell each and everytime to get back up as fast and strong as possible. Anything less is unacceptable. I will strike with the force of all nature's might.
WonderlustKing WonderlustKing
22-25, M
Jul 16, 2010