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Jon Jones Vs Alexander Gustafson. UFC 165.

Jones is a freak athlete. He's just going to go in that fight and do what he does best. Dominate. He's pretty much cleaned out his division. Like GSP. When you look at Jon's skill set and Gus' skill set its hard not to see a successful title defense for Jones. You can never and never should count out another fighter but Gus isn't ready for this fight. Jon has had 6 title fights. 5 of them with former champs. Finished 4 of the former champs and went the distance with the other. His most recent fight was on April 27th when he beat the UFC's punching bag Chael Sonnen. But he also suffered a brutal toe injury in victory. Still, Jones will dominate with his reach, elbows, kicks and unorthodox style. Like he always does. His only weak point is that he doesn't have much knock out power. People argue that Jon's reach won't be an issue but other than Gus' size match with Jon, his reach is still significantly at a disadvantage against Jones. 84.5 inch reach for Jones and about a 76.2 inch reach for Gus. Gus has good footwork and subpar boxing but Jones will be too much for Gus. Plus the only real challenge offered to Jones was maybe Machida but he finished Machida with a Standing Guillotine that looked like Machida had died after he fell. Again Jon will be too much for the Swede.

My Prediction:
Jones in the 3rd round by submission.
ThereIsNoName ThereIsNoName 31-35, F Aug 28, 2013

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