One evening while visiting my wife's best friend and her bf we decided to go to a concert. We went to the concert and as we were leaving the concert we decided to grab some cups and beer to play some beer pong. As the night went on playing beer pong the more drunk we got. We were playin guys against girls and to distract us my wife and her friend would start making out. After a few times of that they starting feeling each other breasts and and started licking each others nipples. Before we knew it my wife threw her friend onto the couch and took off all of their clothing and starting licking her friends ***** as myself and her bf watched. After a few minutes they switched positions and now my wife was getting her ***** licked by her friend. We decided to join and I went up to my wife and she starting sucking on my ****. After she got my **** wet she took it and bent over an stuck it in her ***** while grabbing her friends **** and started to suck on it with her friend. After getting his **** wet her friend turned around and stuck his **** in her *****. The girls were facing each other making out while both getting pounded hard from behind until we both got off. It was an amazing experience and hope to get to do it again!
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1 Response Sep 7, 2013

As hot as your wife is you are already a lucky guy. But after reading this story I am completely jealous. If it happens again, do you have any plans/desires to swap with your friend? Either way, keep posting stories and pics.