They're Just Too Addictive...

I played World of Warcraft for a few years now.  I think it's a stunning game and very difficult to beat as far as MMORPGs go.  It's easy to grasp, good for both social and solo questing, and very easy to find a group as the game is so popular that every server is packed.  Unfortunately, the new expansion is too large for my laptop to handle so I had to give up.  My main was a level 70 undead holy priest on the (EU) Eonar Server.  Her name was Kaylea.  I loved that character and it's a real shame that I had to stop playing.


I've tried a few other MMORPGs since quitting WoW.  I am very fond of EverQuest II, though I did find it hard to get into as there isn't that much to really explain the crafting system and other complicated things.  I did like playing as a Sarnak though, and the Gorowyn starting area was gorgeous.  I played for a little while as a Sarnak Fury called Bryaugh on the Splitpaw Server.


I also tried Final Fantasy XI, playing as a Mithra Thief, but utterly hated it and gave up after about 12 levels.  It was just too complicated and not user friendly at all.  I hated the way that you could loose experience (and even levels) if you died, and that none of the quest givers were marked so you could spend hours wandering around and still have no idea what you were doing.


At the moment, I've settled on Guild Wars though, and am finally enjoying myself again.  Playing as Artemis Fey, a ranger, and working my way slowly through Prophecies.  It's a fantastic game and reminds me a lot more of something like Neverwinter Nights than WoW.  I'm glad to have finally found a new MMORPG that my laptop can handle!

Ryuuzaki Ryuuzaki
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1 Response Feb 26, 2009

you didnt like ffXI i played it for about 6 years you just need to hook up with a few cool ppl then you can rock the game no prob.I really wasnt into wow was a little to cartoonish for me