Review By L. Lundy

An almost five. Mondays with Mary is a heartfelt book about letting people into your hearts and how much you can learn from them. Jim had a dream about an Angel named Promise who had a message for him. Jim went to his friend Elizabeth who works with Hospice patients. She makes arrangements for him to be a volunteer and meet a woman named Mary. Mary is toward the end of her life. She is a wise woman who has a lot to teach. Jim was in a bad time of his life, feeling in a rut and growing weary of his job. Mary ends up helping Him. Jim learns to open up his heart to meditate and feel more at peace with himself. This book helped me too. Like Jim I sometimes feel in that "rut" it helped me to at least try and open myself up more. This would be a nice book for Hospice, since it tells you how much you can learn by others if you just opened up your heart a bit more. I WON THIS ON GOOD READS AS A FIRST READS PROGRAM. I felt lucky I did. Sam Oliver wrote a nice heartfelt book.
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It's on Kindle.

Not read it but sounds good :)