A Funny Thing About Love Songs...

People mature and their music matures.  I think that is the amazing thing about artists who fall in and out of your life.  I have listened to Monica's music for years.

My first memory of her aligns with my college years -- the songs that filled the car back before the days of satellite radio.  Back then, I knew who she was but for so many others... she was just that hot girl singing back up in that Brandi song.

It is absolutely a part of that time in my life.  And, well, it was her younger day's as well.  It was a match.  But things have changed over the years... time passes and we all grow older.  Sometimes we even, well, grow up.

Recently, I happened upon a new song from Monica... and I was so surprised to see the woman which was once "too hood" belting out a sad and oddly simple love song.  We all change.  Music is no exception.  We lose each other.  We find each other again.

EPjake EPjake
26-30, M
1 Response Mar 13, 2010

I like Monica too. I love the remix on "the boy is mine" because when I hear it through the car speakers parts of it sound like my old cell phone announcing a call and more than once I have pulled over to see if that phone was somewhere under the seats.