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I want to play Monopoly with real people. I had fun playing it with my family during the holidays. My niece, who is 7, tried playing it with me a few times, and we never got very far, even though I simplified the rules and let her trade with me so she could get houses. So now I play it on my computer. I play against two computer opponents. I don't even know if it's possible to play online, but I like playing the computer because I can quit and start over if it won't trade with me. I just love to get a block of hotels.

Geez, what a fascinating story! Anyway, if you're wondering where I am in the afternoon, I just might be playing Monopoly with my iPod playing.
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3 Responses Jul 25, 2010

Bought the game, it's software.

How do you play it against the computer ?

I have Monopoly on my iPod touch and it keeps wanting to trade property with me. That part of the program isn't very smart since it'll keep offering me the same trades over and over!