Just hearing the word perks me up.  I absolutely love Mont Blanc Writing Instruments!

Being the daughter of an advertising specialty entrepreneur, I never lacked for pens or pencils.  I grew up knowing all about writing instruments.  I have visited the manufacturing facilities for Parker Pens, Bic Papermate and many others.

I have kept journals for years and have gone through my share of pens. I have written a lot and continue to do so as a professional journalist.

It always seemed that every attorney I ever worked for always had a Mont Blanc pen.  I didn't know what was so special about them until one day I went into a Mont Blanc boutique.

I tried writing with one of the pens and it was unbelievable.  It was like a swan gliding on water.  The pen felt like an extension of my hand.  The feeling was like nothing else I could describe.  My hand felt as if it was being made love to.  My thoughts, begging to be committed to paper, flew out of my fingers through the pen.

I knew that I had to have one.  Ah, but which one.  I tried a few and still couldn't decide which one was for me.

I took home the catalog and poured over the information.  This is an investment purchase.  Much like buying a house or car except that it will stay with you longer than either of those and it is personalized with your name on it.  It is really an extension of you.

I have gone back to try to narrow down the selection.  Within the Meisterstuck line there are over six different styles.  I also like the Etoile line.

I'm sure I'll know which one is "write" for me.  I'll know because the pen will just feel "write." <---- spelled wrong on purpose. :-)
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They are wonderful pens and I'm sure in time, you will get one that will be worthy of your writings.

One day IWB. One day you will get your pen, too.

I should have known that you would start a group like this. Sis, you're something else! ***making a check mark in the air with her Mont Blanc pen ***

LOL, Thanks E.

Blast! You are a bad imfluence on me already... I can tell this is a great idea for a gift for my wife, though, so thanks!

Bad influence? OK. You're welcome. I'm sure you're wife will appreciate the gift as well.

I already do love it. I'm just having a problem deciding between three difference instruments. If I could get it narrowed down to two, then I'd just by both and not have to worry about it. But, three Mont Blanc pens is a bit over the top for me. I am very territorial regarding my pens. See my story in the EP group "I don't like people to touch my things." My pens ARE an extension of my hand and; therefore, a part of me. It floors me when people think that it is OK to take a pen OUT OF MY HAND as I am writing to write something down. I tell them very clearly, "If you want me to know something, tell me. I am capable of writing it down as you see I have been doing it all this time. If you need a pen to write something down for someone else, then you may ask me for one. I have pens specifically for those who are not equipped." Then they get it.

I have owned so many "nice" pens in my life. I write a lot as you know and I have been lucky to almost always do so with a nice pen. Comparing Mont Blanc writing instruments to other pens are to other pens like comparing a kazoo to a fine cello. :) The way the ink flows across the fine paper and the way that it just glides in your hand. It truly is an instrument and not really a pen. Also, i am left handed and I sometimes drag my hand through and it smudges on paper. I do not have that problem any longer. :) I hope you update once you have your instrument. You are gonna love it.

That is a nice way of putting it. A kazoo to a fine cello is very true.