I Do Not

In Canada, once a British colony, as we were - I expect to be spoken to in ENGLISH ! Everyone in PQ learns English in school but a number of people refuse to speak it. I say, if you wont address me in the language of the land, I have NO use for you. I will NEVER visit PQ again.
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4 Responses Dec 6, 2011

Good riddance, it's funny that we don't want you back so it's perfect :)

I feel sad for you, that kind of opinion it's why quebekers wich to have their home land Ina French world. But we welcome you back anytime :-)

We are very pleased to see you're ignorant *** isn't coming back to our beautiful city. Arrogant *******.

You sound childish, I'd say. FYI, the Land has two official languages, if you haven't noticed.