Make It Last R.I.P. Ronnie, November 29, 1947 – March 3, 2012

 Montrose was a major influence on me as a teen. Straight forward kickass rock & roll with attitude. I'll never forget seeing them live in Berkeley in the 70's, or bumping into Ronnie at the grocery store and having a long chat with him in the parking lot, he's a really nice guy.

"Make it Last"

Well, I remember when I was seventeen,

My father told me, "Pick your dreams."

He said life ain't easy as it seems.

When you get older you'll see what I mean.

At the time, I wanted to be twenty-one

It seemed the right age for havin' fun.

But when I got there I was still too young-

And twenty-five seemed to be the one.

But now I live my life from day to day

'Cuz I wouldn't have it any other way.

Whether I'm twelve or whether I'm sixty-four

I spend my time like there ain't gonna be no more.

You know that sweet girl you've been chasin' round

She got you hooked 'long as she keeps you down.

Well, I know what happens once she comes around

It won't be long and you'll be back on the town.

Lord, yes! Alright!

Things between, they suit you right.

But once you get them it seems like they're all alike.

So make it last as long as you can

It's so much easier when you understand...



Rock Candy

Montrose is the debut album by the band Montrose in 1973 which was produced by Ted Templeman. After having done sessions work for various musicians including Van Morrison, Herbie Hancock Rick Derringer, and Edgar Winter, this was Ronnie Montrose's first record leading his own band. It featured then little known Sammy Hagar (then known as Sam Hagar) on vocals. While considered a classic by many hard rock fans, tracks from the album have received scant airplay on the radio with "Bad Motor Scooter" being the only possible exception. It has been said[by whom?] that Warner Bros. Records did not know how to market Montrose, the band or album and the band eventually went under as a result. But the album has undergone a renaissance since then,eventually going platinum.Van Halen (which Hagar would eventually join) had used this album as a blueprint for their own debut (which Templeman also produced) and there are some similarities in the sound of the Montrose album to early Van Halen. Ronnie Montrose mainly used a Gibson Les Paul and a Fender Bandmaster and a Big **** to record the Montrose album. Eddie Van Halen himself considered Ronnie Montrose to be an influence and "Make It Last" was covered by Van Halen in their early club concerts and is available on Van Halen bootlegs, and "Rock Candy" was rehearsed during the sessions for Van Halen's debut album.The album was voted as the 4th best Metal Album of All Time by Kerrang! Magazine in 1989. Hard rock guitarist Ronnie Montrose died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on March 3, according to a report released last Friday by the San Mateo County Coroner’s office. Although he was battling prostate cancer, he did not succumb to that illness, as was previously reported on Pop & Hiss and other sites.

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Small world!

when we were talking quo the other day i was trying to think who I saw them with dam man it was Montrose,bad motor scooter was getting air play on the under ground scene smiles thanks for the reminder lol