Michaelangelo And The Pope

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Hahaha...I sometimes think that should be on a survey I give out to people I meet. Because I've never met a Python lover that I didn't like.

: )

Do I ooze a love for silliness and British humor? Maybe I should stop hanging out around the jackassery group. ; )

Let me know what you think, Tekk.

I've never seen Live at the Hollywood Bowl, I love Monty Python! I know what I'm going to rent this week! : )

*grins at Scooby*<br />
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NDD, I agree!! I sat on youtube and watched skits for longer than I care to admit the other day. Cracks me up...<br />
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Brut - if you like Python, you sooooo need to find Live at the Hollywood Bowl. It's seriously the funniest thing ever. <br />
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(I so love the part at the end..."There were twelve disciples and one Christ!" --- "ONE?!?!?!?!?!?" bahahahahahaaa!!!!)

watched The Life of Brian a few weeks ago, it was great. This is really funny, I don't recollect this one, but thanks for introducing me :-)

~~~CONFESSION~~~ I love Monty Python. They make me giggle as soon as they start and by the middle I'm belly laughing. If I make it all the way through a skit without peeing myself I'm proud!<br />
Knights who say Ni...... (I didn't make it through The Holy Grail....)


hahaha!! I'll take that as a compliment, Dean. <br />
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This is my favorite video of theirs - "Live at the Hollywood Bowl" Tears streaming...sides aching. I love the humor and the chemistry between the guys. : )