Michaelangelo And The Pope

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Hahaha...I sometimes think that should be on a survey I give out to people I meet. Because I've never met a Python lover that I didn't like.

: )

Great stuff.

Love them and Benny Hill

Bare Hugs


Do I ooze a love for silliness and British humor? Maybe I should stop hanging out around the jackassery group. ; )

Let me know what you think, Tekk.

I've never seen Live at the Hollywood Bowl, I love Monty Python! I know what I'm going to rent this week! : )

*grins at Scooby*

NDD, I agree!! I sat on youtube and watched skits for longer than I care to admit the other day. Cracks me up...

Brut - if you like Python, you sooooo need to find Live at the Hollywood Bowl. It's seriously the funniest thing ever.

(I so love the part at the end..."There were twelve disciples and one Christ!" --- "ONE?!?!?!?!?!?" bahahahahahaaa!!!!)

watched The Life of Brian a few weeks ago, it was great. This is really funny, I don't recollect this one, but thanks for introducing me :-)

~~~CONFESSION~~~ I love Monty Python. They make me giggle as soon as they start and by the middle I'm belly laughing. If I make it all the way through a skit without peeing myself I'm proud!

Knights who say Ni...... (I didn't make it through The Holy Grail....)


hahaha!! I'll take that as a compliment, Dean.

This is my favorite video of theirs - "Live at the Hollywood Bowl" Tears streaming...sides aching. I love the humor and the chemistry between the guys. : )

Im not surprised your a MOnty Python fan. lol