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True Story.

saintargentina saintargentina 26-30, F 2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

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very Delightful Show, Gave lot of Great Inspirations ^~^Had a Good Time , Thank U lowridegirl for Sharing , I am new to this site, Made a Great Start^Love~Light

Reminds me of an egret he does!

I am going to learn how to walk like them so I can screw with people at work, have them thinking "what is wrong with her?" lol.

There's a pill for that! lol

lol ouch! Yeah... I should be careful someone might actually think there is something wrong with me, I would say "no I was copying Monty Python!" It would be my luck if no one gets it o.O

lmao..sure sure...we'll take you to a place where you see no more pythons..lmao

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