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Best Discovery On Youtube

i hadnt heard of mooji until i came across him on youtube . at first i seen his videos and never really took an interest in them . but for some random reason i clicked on one of his videos . 

i was deeply touched .

his eyes were filled with a knowledge that all will be well . a warm genuineness that is as rare as anything . and a smile that makes you feel safe and holds truth behind it that reassures you that this spiritual search is worthwhile . 

he explains the topics so simply that you want to slap yourself for not realising it . 

he explains fear , anxiety , unhappiness , the way the mind works , death and the six billion junkies that are addicted to experience in the world .

i appreciate having found him . he has helped answer many of my lingering questions . 

to me he is a rare being that will touch the heart of many people that come into contact with him .

Johnny88 Johnny88 26-30, M 8 Responses Jun 8, 2010

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Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

hes very helpful indeed :)

haha you a brave man lol you think well win the whole thing ?

yessh sarah give me him a look :)

Lol yeh i know was pretty random but saw your a fellow Englander and had to represent. Nah mate, when we win we're coming on here to boast to some Americano's.....all in good jest of course!

Never heard of him, but will see what you are on about out of curiosity

haha where did the world cup spring from watching his videos ? lol <br />
yeah usa first . i wont celebrate on here if we win because we seem out run by americans on here lol

Hey man just checked out some of his stuff. Pretty good, im gonna catch more of it tonight!! Good shout dude.....!!! COME ON cup in a couple days time!!