I love full moons the most. I remember when I was younger I used to go outside when it was a full moon and wander around with my dogs on the property. Thesedays I love sleeping under the moon (from inside my room, mind you. But my bed is right by the window so it is virtually right above me). It relaxes me. And there's something about the room being completely black that I don't like... I think it's the fact that I get paranoid I've gone blind if I can't see anything for too long, LOL.

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So do i especially full moon on a clear night.. i am told my aunt used to take me outside when i was baby to show me the moon..she was very loving to me..I have a love of the stars and i an avid astronomer..but only by hobby..i have a an old but reliable brass telescope which i enjoy looking at the many features of the moon..

LOL that is interesting! I've mentioned how I like sleeping in the moonlight to my mum and she said they used to say doing that made you go mad, which I found amusing.

I love moonlight too. But, unlike you, I have to have it completely dark to sleep. When the moonlight shines in while I try to sleep it keeps me awake. And it gets really bad when the moon is full! <br />
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They say the term lunacy comes from the lunar effects on people. Intersting, huh? <br />
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But when I'm not trying to go to sleep - I'm like you - I LOVE the moonlight ...