Moon Dreams

From the window above my desk, framed between the crowns of two tall pines is a half cup of a buttermilk moon.   His soft, warm glow invites my soul to stir, my mind to wander and my heart to purr.  Delicate notes of tender inspiration fill my senses as I marvel at his unearthly beauty.  I am transported to a place in my dreams.   A place of sea breezes and warm, cozy cottages.  Of long, wind swept walks and even longer star filled nights.  Where verse and conversation tell of dreams and promises.  A place of ease and comfort, of joy and solitude.  A sacred place where a soul can flourish and the heart can dream.

Should this ever be mine to give, this would surely be the gift I would give to you.


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5 Responses Feb 24, 2010

Why thank ya, Okie. :)

Last night the same moon in the same pine fr<x>ame stirred the same emotions. I think it's one of the first things on the list. Isn't it?

Putting it on the bucket list.

This is so beautiful!

Oh to dream on a late winter's night.<br />
Take me with you Nancy Drew!