Yeah, I'm Mormon, But I'd Love The Missionaries Anyway.

I don't see a reason not to. If I was not a Mormon, and the missionaries came to my door, asking if they could talk to me, and if I said no, and they persisted, I wouldn't see it as them trying to force themselves upon me. No, I would see it for what it was: two young men who are so caught up in their callings as missionaries, that they want to make a difference in my life worth something. It's every missionary's dream to make a difference in someone's life, no matter who it is.

I don't appreciate that play that the South Park guys made. It was uncalled for. Missionaries, though young, are ripe with energy and enthusiasm. Wouldn't you love it if your kids took a great interest in spreading the word of God? I know that when I am a father, and my own sons and/or daughters go on their missions (yes, girls get to go on missions too, they just don't hold the Priesthood as their role in the Gospel is completely different, yet no less important), I will be as proud of them as any father could be of their children.

So, I challenge you all, oh ye who find the Missionaries of the LDS church to be nothing but a nuisance, to think again, the next time they come knocking. Think for more than a second, and remember my words. They do not want to cause you annoyance, they simply wish to make a difference. Even if you don't need their words, think kindly upon them, as you would if it were your children out there.
gamermikelds gamermikelds
26-30, M
Nov 26, 2012