So Much

I love morning sex...those first moments in early morning when you're both still sleepy and uncoordinated, touching and kissing...sleep slowly wearing off.  The moment of penetration is the most amazing feeling right then...brings me back to my body and reality, on fire.  
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36-40, F
3 Responses May 5, 2012

I agree babe , what a way to start your day with a toe tingling ****** or two with the one you love ! it is very passionate and so intimate ! cheers to you !

I belive that morning sex starts the day off so that both parties feel the refreshness, the passion of rest, the sensation of true bliss too start the day.....

It's wonderful isn't it?

you sound just like my lady, she loves me to have sex with her in the morning as we first wake up. I kinda like it myself...

lol! I'll bet you do! :)