Nothing Like The Night Before

As most guys, I too wake up in the mornings with a raging hard-on and horny as hell.. And having a sweet sexy lady, with a still wet ****, from the night before lying next to you, in this state is the ultimate.. She (Edma, thats what I'll call her) says she likes for me to wake her by spooning with her, then placing the head of my **** against her ***** lips and giving her long, slow, smooth, deep strokes until she wakes.. Thats funny cause she's usually thrusting back at the point of penetration.. Well that the game Edma plays and I am so loving it.. But anyway mornings like these are the best mornings, slow, relaxing and very gratifying.. Very different from the intense sexual escapades of the drunken hot sex the night before..
Blackmaxxx Blackmaxxx
36-40, M
Jan 11, 2013