Coffee After Sex

Getting ready for morninng sex with very nice man I just knew 2 days ago. On Thursday my husband pick me up from my work to dinner with very important guest . This guest is a VIP to my husband work , when we arrived to the Resturant my husband introduce him to me and he take my jackete off , normally I wear hot exactive skirt with white silk shirt but that day my shirt with hotter than any other day becouse anyone can see easielley my boobs . When we it to the bar my friend husband with standing very close to me and talking to us while he keep touching all my body . My husband seems very happy to his guest reactions and things went very well that night and we exchange numbers . Last night this guest calles me and he knows that I m Alnoe and my husband is traveling then he asked me to go to have drink together so I called my husband nd he was happy for this and told me to enjoy to the max. He picked me up nd I was wearing very sexy and without any bra we have drinks together and we laughed all the night , on drive back we kissed long one and I left him . Today he wants me very hard so on my way to morninng breakfast after sex xxxxx wish me luck and long **** :) I am writing from my phone so sorry for English mistakes I am sharing the story while I am getting reay :) xxxx
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4 Responses Jan 19, 2013

I would love to see you in that sexy outfit with no bra, I am sure you are a knockout! I hope you had a good, long and enjobable ****.

Great story, thanks. Please add me.

You are one hot sexy yummy generous hot wife cat ! meow . oh yeah ! growl

where are you from? sounds like you were about to have ahot bout of sex ,the morning woody good for you .wish you'd wake me that way.