Jump Start

sex first thing in the morning always starts my day out just right! when my feet have not even touched the floor yet and i allready have a hot load of *** inside me....OMG it going to be a good day i can tell. espscially fun when he wakes up b4 me and gives me his favorite wake up call scooting up behind me and pushing his fat **** into when i m still asleep.....my brain kinda shorts out being like half my brain thinks it is a dream and the other half knows..... thats a real ****....realy sliding into my real wet *****. going to school feeling his *** still fresh in me just makes me want more. when we have time morning sex can turn into late morning sex orif i m lucky all day sex or....... you get the idea...
3 Responses Jan 20, 2013

I always enjoy waking up my partner with my morning wood

I totally agree! Nothing better than waking up with my gf's soft lips on my hardening **** ! we go at each other with intensity passion and the desire to make each other *** quickly . otherwise we ll both be late for work - but we dont need coffee to wake up on those mornings that we give each other a great big eye opening ******! good morning world!