Would Be A Dream Job....

If only I could get paid to mosh. I would be in heaven. I guess I'd have to pick the music though, cause if you're not feeling the music you're more likely to get hurt. Going to concerts is my favorite thing to do. My favorite place is Red Rocks in Colorado. Sounds excellent, the area is beautiful, and it's outdoors. I love having fresh air when I'm pitting. Makes the whole thing that much more fun cause you aren't about to pass out from the heat like inside a venue. I'm not one for crowds usually, but concerts are totally different. I guess it's because everyone is there for the same good time. For the most part I'm there for the crowd. I love the music obviously, but I could care less about watching the stage show. I wanna hear the music and feel the crowd. I'll stay in the pit all night. Venting is necessary in my life. Concerts, especially moshing, proves to be the most positive, effective, and over-all enjoyable way for me to do so. I live for that ****. I wish I was pitting right now.
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1 Response Nov 6, 2011

I grew up around the punk scene in CT and also the New York Hardcore guys in the 90's. I love nothing more than seeing a group of guys that look like they are going to kill you, rip you up from the floor saving you from getting stomped and giving you a hug and a smile. It is brother/sisterhood at its purist.