I have a particular liking for vintage textiles and clothing, especially lace, scarves, jewellry and accessories.  I have owned quite a few pieces over years, some I've lost or given away, but I do enjoy collecting pieces when I can.  One of my favourite places to explore is Islington in North London.  They do have a lot of vintage clothing and bric a brac stores there and I've spent many hours trawling around, looking at all the wonderful things they have for sale.  Most of it is pretty expensive but you can find some interesting and reasonable bits and pieces.  I used to live really near Portobello Road in West London and that's very good for vintage stuff too, although rather too touristy now, but the far end, Golborne Road is still good for bargains and interesting things.

When I lived on the European continent, I used to love "brocante" sales and flea markets.  When I lived in Brussels, there would be a "brocante" in a particular district from time to time where everyone would put their unwanted bits and pieces out on tables in the street in front of their houses and you could spend ages looking through all kinds of interesting things.  Amsterdam is great for flea markets too and I've bought some lovely pieces from there in the past.  Also in France you can find a "brocante" in a field - a bit like a car boot sale you might get in the UK - but where there are antiques and vintage pieces for sale. 

It's something I've always enjoyed collecting and would like to revive my collection again.
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aw, lovely sunni - you must treasure it!!

me, too!! me, too!! oh...old handmade lace! and anything embroidered! i guess my best piece of old jewelry it a brooch that was my grandmother's. it was her first 'grown-up' christmas gift from santa. in 1911.

yes, I love it too destry ... in fact one of my favourite pieces of vintage jewellery was a Victorian jet brooch I bought at a street market in New York one time, many years ago.