I Always Wonder... How People Use To Communicate In Those Era?

How did people talk to each other? What kind of slang do they use?

The most common mannerism.

I understand that everywhere is different. But let just say, United States.

How do y'all think people use to relate? ... I mean what word do they use that is so different to us now?

To be honest, I know most of yah would say... Go watch a movie, or go read a book. Reading a book I most likely is gonna get my answer. But! I never know exactly which one is accurate to pick, and that is not so long, cuss I get doll easily.

While film can be a bit distorted. Remember, now is an adaptation of what people might have spoken in those times. Some films gets it right, but most of them, are down the drain (in that aspect)

So ...What y'all think?

Do comment back please.

thanks again.
yashu1551 yashu1551
18-21, F
Aug 29, 2012