Vintage Life- I Wish

I am a man born a century too late. I use many vintage tools, such as a 1930's Yankee hand drill. I also am a sucker for coleman lanterns, stoves and catalytic heaters. I would rather drive a Ford Pinto than a Ford Focus. Hell all my pencils and pens I use for school are vintage. Honestly I would prefer to live in a trappers cabin with a hand pump water faucet, liquid fuel stove and mantle lantern, fireplace, and a cot than a house with every commodity and convenience you could imagine. I prefer an axe and bow saw over a chainsaw any day. When I build something I use a hammer instead of one of those air nailers. I can't believe the way I am, I love it but many of my friends don't. Why should I give a damn at 16 years old anyway. I mean as long as we keep the past alive, that's all that matters right?
akfordman2 akfordman2
18-21, M
Aug 9, 2013