I Love Mother God Azna

Mother God Azna is the co-creator. She loves us very much and we love her. We pray to her often, as well as to Father God. Here on this page we can write our prayers, start prayer chains, give our love and thanks to our Blessed Mother. I know that she, as well as Father God, watch over me and protect me and bring me many blessings in my life. Azna helps out alot with the everyday things that we deal with here on earth. I pray that you will pray. Anyone with more knowledge than I is more than welcome to share with the group what you know. Love, Light, and Peace.......
Moonmaiden13 Moonmaiden13
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9 Responses Feb 19, 2011


Praying for you...

I hope your interview went well...I am praying for you and your family...and the rose can be anywhere be it a flower or a print on a shirt or even a painting :)'s to you!!!

No roses but I'm still looking. However i have the interview tomorrow and I'm very nervous please help me pray to have favor for this position as a research assistant.

I mean me and my family.

Thats blessings for you!!!! So happy to hear about it....did you see any roses on your journey through this...if so it is a sign!!! :)

No but in still waiting to see some cause i know she heard my prayer

To all, Thank you for praying for my and my family.

Thank you Mother Azna and Father Om I now have two interviews for a job one tomorrow at noon the other on Friday at 11am. Thank you so much for such a speedy response.

Group I ask all of you to right now pray on my behalf my mcrawford43 to Mother and Father God me and my children need your prayers now

I am petitioning Father and Mother God, I am under attack i need the golden sword of Azna to cut through the negative energy that's blocking me from finding a job, paying my bills and providing for my family. Please Mother Azna restore my finances so i can pay my school and return back to school in september. Please surround me with the white light . Also please send me a sign that you received this petition.

wow...I am so happy I found this group...discovering that there is a female aspect to God and she is the true mother...just so resonated with my soul...I have Sylvia's books and I am so thrilled to find both Mother God and Father God...and know that this so helps my Earth journey...this is so new ...so wonderful ...and helps with the lonely longing of my heart ...to truly connect with love... and know that the connection is there...just had to learn about it ..then ask for it...Thank you...!!!!