Flowers From Mother Azna

I read about Mother Azna through Sylvia Browne's books...but somehow, I always knew she was there.
On numerous occasions, I have asked Mother Azna for a flower and I asked for it to be delivered within the next 3 days.
EVERY single time I have asked, she has ALWAYS the strangest of ways.

One occasion I had a old plant that was given to me by my father when my son was born.
It had flowers on it when I received it, but a year had gone by, and the plant basically had turned into a bunch of leaf-less sticks.
When I asked Mother Azna for a flower, 2 days later I noticed that plant had 3 beautiful new buds on it!! (I saved them and still have them 8 years later).

On another occasion when my son was about 5 years old, I was living with my uncle. It was the winter-time, and I was very sad. I guess I just wanted to know if she was still "there" with me....A day later my uncle brought home a flowering cactus-type of plant!! ...he never had bought any plants, and I knew instantly it was a gift from her!!

I dont tell people about this, because I think they would think I was my family is Lutheran, and of course "God" is a you are ONLY to pray to him or Jesus.
I know that the Mother Azna is real and she is with you and me and ALL of us :) -cory
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Absolutely shes real she is God . That is who he was talking to when he said lets make man in our image. She has come through for me on many occasions especially when I call on her in reference to my children. She always show up and show out. I love her/him very much Mother God and Father God

this is the first i have heard of Mother Anza dear. I do know of Sylvia Browne though