Everything But....

I remember when I was a kid, our home shaking from an explosion at a nearby chemical company, and mild tremors once from the fault line in Northern New Jersey, but this was different. I was just sitting at my work desk and the rock and roll was very pronounced. I kept working not realizing what was happening until the dust from the ceiling started coming down. I thought that maybe a plane hit at an airport a few blocks from here or a truck slammed into the building, more terrorism....

Shrek's son then started yelling, "EARTHQUAKE, GET EVERYONE OUT" as he was the first out the front door.  He looked very George Costanza like, remember the "Seinfeld" episode when he plowed down children yelling FIRE, FIRE....  I will now call him George.

This is a very rare phenomenon here in the Dirty Jerz. Funny how I thought it was everything else but Mother Nature doing her thing.

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Aug 23, 2011