Sometimes She Gets Mad At Me

So today I decided to spend my day with Mother Nature. I hung out in the grass, stared at the birds and the clouds, and was falling in love with her as usual. I decided to walk around a little, and I saw wonderful turtle who lives by me, Crunchy Buddy. I tried to say hi to him, but he just hissed, and walked away. I kept bothering him, which he did not like, and I followed him into the woods to his hole! I never knew exactly where he lived until today. =]

Anywho, after annoying Crunchy Buddy I was standing near the road and saw an old lady riding her bike. I waved at her and she stopped to say what a beautiful day it was. Just then, I realized I was standing directly in a fire ant hole, and they were crawling all over my feet and legs =[

Why Mother Nature, why?
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7 Responses Nov 9, 2011

mabe the ants were friends of the turtle they didnt like you annoying him,hence bite.... bite.... bite....

you enjoyed a dozen of things yet got annoyed with a just one thing! That is more than lucky day, that is heaven!! Take care next time and wear som long trousers, you dont know what else might like ur legs :)<br />
i adore mother nature and adore the fire ants but sure as long as they are faraway from me (;

They hurt =[

are'nt they those large black winged ants? Or something else? I thought them just snnoying! I will google them!

hope u got fine then! Oops

This is the very reason Mother Nature made diatomaceous earth, to kill those nasty little buggers!

Fire ants....Mother's bitchy side.<br />
Crunchy Buddy is a great name! What makes him crunchy?<br />
<br />
I had a crunchy turtle once too. Unfortunately, I backed over him with my car and cracked his shell.<br />
Thanks to the advice of a friend, I duct taped his shell and he had a pleasant recovery in my garden!

She only wanted to make you feel alive! I'm glad we have no fire ants in Germany, maybe in glass cubes in the zoo...

take a pic of crunchy sometime!

I did! Its in my photos.

: (ouch!

I know =/