My Favorite Reason To Ride

It's not as if you actually need a reason to ride a motorcycle, but there are actually many. The freedom, the wind, the oneness with nature. One of the best is the girl on the back with her arms wrapped tightly around your leathers as she hangs on.

That's my favorite reason to ride is I get to wear leather and drive the women wild. Leather is a natural lure and it's fun to be able to wear it anytime and anywhere.. But to be really comfortable wearing leather... I mean leather all over... almost anytime and anywhere, it doesn't hurt to have a good reason.You see, owning a motorcycle makes people actually expect you wear a leather jacket almost all the time... and you're right in style.

As a motorcyclist, you know that the luxurious scent of leather drifting into the nostrils imparts a sensation of mysterious well being. It's such a gentle comforting aroma. As you slip that second skin of leather around your body, it is really soft to the touch and conveys a pleasing security. She can't get enough of the feel from the outside either! Face it, the squeaky sound as you move is pretty darn sexy too. There is nothing quite as sensual as genuine leather.

But you know, a jacket isn't enough. When you see fast bikes with sleek riders decked out in their colorful leather armor, it begs you to take the experience beyond a great jacket.

When you kick your leg over the bike and ignite that throbbing engine, you deserve leather from head to toe, Oh, you'll be tempted to settle for riding leathers off the rack from some motorcycle shop. Perhaps a nice jacket and creepy black chaps.

Trust me, these do not compare to wildly aromatic, brightly colored, custom tailored one-piece leather suits made especially for motorcycle racers. These magnificent suits literally encapsulate the body with the snug fitting caress of a fine glove. The exotic feeling silently flows from just below the helmet, right down to the tuck into tops of those rugged boots.

If you love leather (and who doesn't), motorcycle racing leathers are the ultimate. You can wear them as you travel, stop in restaurants, shop, check into hotels. Everybody stops and stares with envy. People in traffic, pedestrians on the sidewalk. When you go inside, they can't keep their eyes off you and those stunning leathers. They have to look because they all wish they had the boldness to dress like you... be like you... be you.

Because she will love them as much as you do, you can wear them when you become intimate. When she has racing leathers of her own, it puts you both into wild eroticism as you finish the ride. You park that hot bike and head inside. The passion comes to a crescendo as you both frantically fumble for the zippers, The gliding zipper slowly opens up your leathers so you can both claim the intimate prize you were seeking when you first slipped into those fabulous leathers at the start of the adventure.
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1 Response Jul 26, 2010

Your story "why you like to wear leather" is very good and very sensual. It would make the beginnings of a great romance novel. The heroine falls in love with her handsome leather-clad lover/biker and the two of them get very excited in bed when he unzips his leather pants and she then gets to see how excited her manly man is!!!! What a story! What exciting leather love making the book could include. The smell, the scent of her man in leather, etc.....<br />
I am sure there are a lot of women who would eat this book up!!!!