I Like Not So Old Classic Trailbikes

I was first smitten by the lust for trailbikes when i was in colege in the very early seventies. The realisation that i was nearing the age where i could go into the Ministry of transport building and hand over 50c to get myself a provisional motorcycle licence was too much of a temptation to resist, and it could be done without my mum n dad even knowing.
I played all those years prior on my pushbikes pretending they were an actual trail bike and now the opportunity to ride and even have such an incredible posession that didnt need peddleing was a true turn on for my rageing hormones. So ive gathered a few pics of the very bikes that used to give me an errection and i still love browseing them as a preteenager liked studying a 1968 pLAYBOY mAG. This was a beast worthy of dedicateing my life to aquireing. The only reason to find employment was to aspire to such greatness in owning one of these.
But more greater machines did actually exist on earth that required deeper qualities of manhood, bring in the unimagiabley powerful and supreme SL350 -

  Notice grown men only dare ride these 350's, and one looks like a Presidential candidate too.    Lo be it fallen angels where worthy enough to handle the power of these as this mega donk moviestar animal was in the R21 catagory.. The TS400 Apache.    If you where a good looker and could attract pretty girlfriends, one could stand tall and posess one of these, if you wished to remain loyal to 2strokes. But an ellement of stregnth and buisness intuativity along with strikeing good looks with long flowing golden hair was another needed requirment. Yes the pinical of suzuki prowess and trail strength.   This was not for boys.    But then rival jappers with lethal powerbands started competeing for supremeacey.   like this 1975 DT400, a great leap up from the already magnificent 360.
But the acknowleged natural step up from a TS50 was a brave newcomer like this XL175    or other risque' semi trails.   Possibly the sexiest 125 to ever grace earth as Bruce Lee was entering the Dragon was this sweet and sexy idol - the SL125 Honda.   Little brother to the do not mess with XL250 and nephew of SL350 behemoth, and it truly was a grunty little beast that could be purchased for less than $1000.
  I had the two strokes which just didnt seem to cut it and lacked the Honda fourstroke sound.    and at 16 i had a Mkll Zephyr, CB350 and KL250 as i worked at a car factory as a welder making Triumph 2.5 cars in 1975. I was an excellent welder. 

But the first serious Bad Boy i ever got to ride was a nuggety dependable 1970 TS90-   just like this one.   As i grew up and reached 20, i went out n bought a 78 Yamaha TT500 which totally eclipsed the whole lot of them anyway!  From then on, trail bikes started to morph into things more resembleing Grass hoppers    in my mind looseing all astettic dream beauty value in my eyes.    The lovely 450 CL Hondas   and smaller 175 that seemed to be everywhere in 73.  If these photos make your pulse race, then your in my age bracket and appreciate the beauty we once had in the early 70's when trailbike riding was like taking opium fun and helmets wernt compulsery .    Times long past now.
lafsnack lafsnack
51-55, M
Nov 25, 2012