I Am Gona Buy A 2nd Hand Bike

Ive got some money and money is made to spend. Before the banks collapse and take my money with it, im gona get somthing that really brings enjoyment to my life. Ive got my eye on a few bikes and maybe you guys and gals can help me choose which one to go for. Im not spending any more than 10G.

A 2002 Ducati 996

A 2002 Triumph Bonneville 995.
  $10000 ono

  '94 Desmo

...a few Harleys under 10G
  Even big Jappers are very desirable now...

But this is what i want    A Moto Guzzi 1100 like this for $7000                             
  All these are under 10G.    What to do im in a real dilemna.     How about this2002 Triumph Sprint for $7500 

lafsnack lafsnack
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1 Response Dec 14, 2012

I'd be happy to advise you, but I really need to know a lot more about you as a rider before I make such a recommendation. How long have you been riding ? What kind of bikes have you owned before ? What kind of riding are you planning on doing ? Even how big a person you are physically is a factor. Another thing you will have to consider is parts availability, and serviceability, how many dealers does a company have in case you are on a trip and need service or parts, as well as the company's reliability record. Give us a bit more idea of you as a rider, and I'll try to guide you toward a suitable bike.