Ace caffe north London to Southend on Sea in Essex...what a glorious day :) we were forecast rain and strong winds (which we've had since Friday) Lady Luck watched over us
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3 Responses Mar 28, 2016

i have not been to the ace for a long time i use to love the place

Maybe you'll rekindle your love again

This is the first ride of the season where I live. I just tried creating an album so I could show more pictures but all my pics are too big :( it's such a great day and to top it off they are raising money for charity

Some if my favorite rides were such events...

Looks like what was once a fatboy in the front there.. riding season is just about to begin here..snows gone.... gotta get bikes prepped....wooooohoooo

What bike have you got?

Superglide fxdc

Nice ride ;)