Would love to get a bike someday. Just not sure of what kind of bike I would get, Sport bike, or a Harley. I've always really liked the fast, sporty motorcycles that Ducati and Yamaha put out. Then I watched Sons of Anarchy and am a recently turned Harley fan haha. I feel like the sport bikes are obviously for more fast riding, great handling and adrenaline, while a Harley is probably more for that open road, freedom, enjoying the ride kind of thing... I guess. I've never ridden one so I wouldn't know. Any suggestions or advice on what its like to ride either one?
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I did the same exercise a couple years ago. i decided that the Suzuki Burgman was the bike i wanted to ride for the first few thousand miles. Well i am on my 11th thousand and it keeps on riding. Sure i change the oil and do some maintenance but otherwise it is trouble free and with the 650cc engine i have plenty of power to get to know the road and the bike. took a good spring ride today. Thumbs up is all i can say.

I love my Triumph T140 Bonneville.

if you have not ride a long time stay away from d

I'd try out both a sport bike and a cruiser to see which you enjoy more. Both offer freedom and the ability to be out in the open while riding, but speed isn't everything, either.

do lots of research, pick out the riding style that you would be most comfortable with. if you have never ridden before I would suggest a motorcycle safety course. most are done at a local drivers facility. you would have to study for permit test then do the safety course and it will waive your drivers test portion for motorcycle license. plus you'll learn a lot.
I have ridden a Yamaha FZR-600 to start and quickly realized that after 3 hours riding it hurt my back. it was fun and fast but not for long rides. My latest bike is a 2013 Yamaha FZ8. it is not a sports bike. more of an upright ride. I have no experience on Harley's as I have never ridden one. They are loud though. talk to friends that ride and look online. there is probably a you tube video of a test ride for just about every bike. find out what is important and go to the bike shop and sit on it, ask questions. they probably won't let you ride it, but sitting on it will give you an idea.

I just looked up the Yamaha FZ8. I like it. Its not Super Sporty but its still sportyish, and probably has decent power. I would definitely get a bike like that. And thanks for the solid advice.

no problem, just remember that it's got a 779 cc engine. It seems tame in the lower rpms, but right around 5 to 7 it takes off like a rocket. if your not expecting it is quick.

That's good I feel like I would like quick.

I didn't look up the statistics or anything I just assumed it was quick. Which apparently it is. But yeah I'll have to do some looking around and see what is best

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