Mountain Biking Is My One True Passion In Life

Been biking going on 20 years, I guess. I started back in the early 90s when I was living in Germany. I bought my first hardtail (Diamondback Ascent) and got into a small group of friends that enjoyed riding. We tear up the German countryside and forests, and into other nearby countries. On Saturdays, we'd venture out on epic rides of 30 miles, just wondering about through this field, then through that forest, down this hill, across that creek, and on and on. We'd be gone all day. What an awesome time, that brought me a ton of memories.

Around 1995 I moved to Phoenix, AZ and really started to enjoy trail riding in the desert mountains. There are so many awesome places to ride in that area. I think Trail 100 was my favorite. It was in the North mountain area, one that I could easily get to from my apartment. It was a tough old trail, used mainly by horseback riders and bikers. It was a great "workout" ride, that's for sure. After riding over the rocky terrain, I soon had an itching to get a full suspension bike, which I did in 97. And believe it or not, it's the same bike I'm still riding today...Marin Mount Vision.

Fast forward to present day 2012 and I'm still riding. Now in the midwest and in the 50s, but I can still crank it like I did 20 years ago. I love the feeling of getting into the groove while I'm out on the trail, weaving in and out and around the trees, pedaling, shifting, braking, trying to lean into the curves and cutting the corners as close as I can. Once in a while I'll go a tad be too close and just shave my shoulder on a tree. Hurts like hell, but all part of the ride. When I get into my groove, I feel like the bike is a part of me and of one entity, instead of me and the bike. I love technical riding, picking my line along the singletrack, trying to make it over the rocks and logs, or whatever obstacle is in my way.

I just love the thrill and excitment; the burn I get after a good ride. I love sweating my *** off and feeling totally, completely drained of energy. I love the burn in my muscles and it's what motivates me to continue pedaling, no matter how steep the hill is. I love being so totally focused on the trail in front of me that I'm unaware of deer and other wildlife around me.

My hope is to continue mountain biking for the next 20 years.
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I like trail 100 and tell people to ride it when they ask where to ride in the Phoenix area.