Bike Ride Back To The Car.

I was wanting to do some bikepacking so off to the Arizona Trail. My brother met me at the end of the trail to leave a car we then drove to the trail head to camp the first night. Up early ate a good breakfast and maybe got a late start on a trail we have never ridden. Making a few mistaken turns here and there, hike a bike a lot because the weight of packing and full steel steeds. We stopped to call home at the crest of a hill cuz I had gotten cell reception much later to find out I was billed from a Mexico cell provider. So now we have the map out every mile or so to try and figure out where the hell we are going we are lost no we are not well maybe. It starts getting dark and we were not going to make it to a stash of water we had planted and no lights magic shine didn't exist I did have a small flashlight. We find a four wheel drive road that leads back to the highway and off we go luckily with the moon shining we make it to the road. I try to talk my brother into sleeping there but without the water he says lets keep going, oh we had ran out of water. Riding on the road now was much easier but we had been riding since 9 am it was like 8 now and no idea of the actual distance back to the car. After a while this border patrol truck blows by us we try to flag him down and he stops gives us some water and tells us to get off the road so he doesn't run us over. I am like ok let us sleep here but no my brother has a drive to get back to the car. We keep going for awhile and sure enough the border patrol blows by us a couple times before he stops says get in the back. He takes us to the turn off to the trail head where there is no moon just my little light to guide us back. It gets dark at night but we make it back to car.
tfitz tfitz
Jan 8, 2013