Full Circle

i've been ridding my mountain bike for years .  i've had my share of spills bumps and crashes . it was always fun the whole time . i started  out with a solid frame Kmart bike and did most of my learning with it . man those rims were a sight . i cant believe the spokes held it together .  it's a wonder the frame didn't break either . i sold it for fifty bucks after i was done with it and i still think its being used today !!!  after all that abuse i started ridng my road bike again . i figured it was a safer alternative . man there are a tons of asswipe motorists out there . i got use to it after awhile and tried to enjoy my daily constitution . after a good spill and some healing time i put my bike up for a bit and then bought another mountain bike . it wasnt long until i wrecked that bike and had to buy another mountain bike . this time i bought a bike that was a little more capable of te terrain that i was using .  i still glance at my road bike every now and then and realize that i've come full circle .

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Feb 13, 2010