Movie Poem

Saw the trailer and looked up this poem right away:

I fell in love once, before I died,

When my soul was bright and my eyes were wide,

But he was young and I was young,

We lived our lives like a loaded gun,

So we knew, it would not last.

We couldn’t save ourselves from our own past,

I looked up at the dark black skies,

He looked at me with blood soaked eyes,

It was then my life ended,

When time, and space, and universe bended.

— from the movie The Girl From The Naked Eye
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2 Responses May 21, 2012

felt the same.caught me off guard like Rimbaud meets bukowski

I thought the last few minutes of the movie with this poem being spoken over de la Mancha's "Release All Light" was a very powerful scene. It gave me shivers, it made me teary-eyed. I had to play it over and over. The movie itself was not great, but this moment, about young love thwarted, about death before it's time, was staggeringly powerful. I can't explain it.