When You Curl Up With a Book Or Movie. Will You Be Alone?

     I love to curl up on the sofa with a good movie. If it is horror than I need company & it is more fun to scream with someone than alone. Romance & comedy alone or share time as the day dictates.  A mystery is more fun with another who also loves to guess the plot  with.

     A good book, cup of hot cocoa, pillow, & comfortable chair or blanket under the trees. I find it hard to find one who reads the same book near the same time period that I do.

     What is even harder is to find a good book that made a good movie. To many movies change the books intent, plot or ending these days. Maybe when the head fell out of the bottom of the boat in Jaws it ate the writers hands of the future, rather than being the crabs lunch.

moonwalker moonwalker
46-50, F
Mar 17, 2008