Larry Crowne

Caught a good movie this weekend on HBO, Larry Crowne. It stars Tom Hanks as an average guy who gets down-sized from his job at a retail outlet. He is told the main reason is that he has no college degree and that he has gone as high as he can in the company without one.. He was a vet who had done 20 in the Navy as a ships cook. He starts out looking for a job and finds no luck. He is divorced, unemployed, struggling to make ends meet, struggling to keep his home, and paying through the nose (like all of us) for gas to keep his guzzling SUV on the road.

What's a guy to do? Larry decides to go to college. He soon makes some friends and adapts to college life. In the process he takes a course in Public Speaking where he meets Julia Roberts (the teacher). To you guys out there: this is not a chick flick! It is a really entertaining movie about an average guy who adapts to life's obstacles, and in the process turns lemons into lemonade. Well worth the time! Then again, almost any movie Tom Hanks is in is worth the time ( trust me on this one). Two thumbs up!
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2 Responses May 7, 2012

Another great movie.

I agree, it was preety good and not a chick flick.