Movie Mad

yeah  i do love movies   from the godfathers ( well not really no.3 didnt like that  one  but the rest) scarface to starwars  to spiderman  not a big fan of musicals  but  i did like across the universe but that  because of the  beatle songs  you gotta like some of beatles  who ever you are  even the guy who shot was a fan  but yeah that was a good movie theres nothing like sitting down at the  end of the  day  and watch a movie   horror  movies i a fan of brom stoker  dracula i enjoyed the original texas chainsaw massacr i like the halloweens  but i rememer  be terrified of it being on n the house as me  but i like  halloween but i was like 4 so dont hold it against me  but chuckie  in childs play  what were they smokin when they  thought that one up lol what lie beneath  is a good one and darkness falls theres one that ll make you revert back to bein afraid of the dark

buddhaboy1 buddhaboy1
18-21, M
Mar 27, 2009