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I just watched this movies, recently, and I had to write about it, it's " the kite runner " ..it's not so new, but I had the wonderful chance, to watch it.It's based on a novel, by Khaled Hosseini, that has the same title, I'm gonna be honest, I remember watching the novel, to every time I visit the bookstore, but somehow it didn't captivate me, or interested me enough, to read it! ..I was looking for movies the other day, and I saw the movie, instantly the name of the novel popped to my head, and I was like : (yeah, what the hell, I'll watch it ), now I'm not usually into that kind of movies, I know it's not exactly "war" or "historical" , but it seemed to be leaning to that direction, but for once I was really bored, and wanted to see anything new, and man , I'm glad I did! ..I haven't read the novel, yet, but the movie, is just, hmmm ,what's the word I'm looking for, oh .. ya: magnificently affecting ! ..In a nut shell, it talks about those two friends who grow up together, "Amir": the main character , and "Hassan " his best friend, and the challenges and things that happen to them, that changes their lives, and amir's life after, the movie takes you, from absolutely hating and disdaining Amir, to somehow , understanding him, and make peace with him, I think it's somehow a message, because almost ,everyone will see themselves as Amir, and how they made mistakes in their previous lives, and how to come to peace with one's self, and let go of the guilt that we hold, and pain, and find a better way, a way that we probably never expected, to make up our mistakes, and forgive ourselves, by being better humans ! ..the movies takes a surprising turn ( kinda' ) , that I interpreted in my own sight and understanding , as a viewer, to the previous lines .hope you take a look at the movie, cause it's really one of those movies, that really affects your soul, I know it affected mine .. !
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Actually, the Last Samurai used to be always on, whenever I turned on the tv .. but somehow, I didn't find it interested enough for me to keep watching it .. don't know why .. maybe the whole swords thing , it seemed to me like another chinese-like movie .. :/ .. but I'm getting now, that it's about much more than that .. ?<br />
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And speaking of Tom Cruise .. for me, , his best performance was on " Born on the fourth of july " .. I mean , it was so different from all of his other movies .. and he was so into the character .. I never saw him act like that ever again ! ..<br />
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I will check your stories ^_^ .. thnx for stopping by ..