Dennis Hopper

I have just heard of the death of Dennis Hopper at the age of 74, after a long battle with prostrate cancer.

He was  Frank Booth, an evil man, who was involved with nightclub singer Dorothy Vallens (Isabella Rosselini), it remains one of my favourite films. 'Easy Rider', 'Apocalypse Now', a fabulous  triumvirate of films.


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CuddlyVampyre, yes I agree. 'Blue Velvet' remains one of my very favourite films, and Hopper is magnificently malevolent!

Yes, he was also in 'Giant' and 'Rebel without a cause', 'The Last Movie', all exceelent and iconic films. He was also a photographer, painter, and sculptor, and collector, of course. <br />
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A huge talent.

Dennis Hopper was thoroughly interesting. He came from a previous time, and brought his acting talent with him. He wasn't just another old guy actor. He was Dennis Hopper.

Hopper was great in a number of roles. He'll be missed. One of my fav's was in role in Hoosiers.