Eclipse--let The Pathos Begin

Ok, so, my continued devotion to this movie series limps forward. I'm wondering if I have made an error somewhere regarding my committment to seeing all the movies. Oh, and BTW,... I apologize in advance, for all they typos I won't be correcting as I am on a very short break and trying to stuff my face while I update my profile and stories.

Lst night I took the kiddos to the drive-in (more on THAT in another story). What can I say about this movie that hasn't already been said in the previous movies? Not much. Except that the wolf-phasing mid-air and the fight scenes were super bad *** and almost worth the money. Oh, and, Taylor Lautner soaking wet wasn't a bad sight either!!! OMG,.. still feel like a fricken ********* checking that BOY out, but, well, those thirty pounds of lean muscle he packed on for this flick were well placed. Kudos to his trainers.

And, what can I say about Charlie?? Only that there has never been a more perfect book-to-movie casting EVER!!! He couldn't possibly be a better Charlie!!! What an awesome actor! I'm gonna IMDb him as soon as I have two seconds to spare. Alright, honestly, someone else needs to do that and just leave me the link!!! No time for movie trivia.

The rest of the cast. Well, Kristen Stewart's stuttering portrayal of the innocent and wall-flower-of-a-girl Bella is and was as usual, passble. Barely. And Robert Pattinson,.. how do you find the words? Even when trying to portray absolute joy and rapture, he still managed to look constipated. Not sure how those two emotions marry up, but there you have my biggest issue with the whole damned series (get it,... vampires,... 'damned'.....ok, enough). When you take a book, and go to screen, it doesn't always translate well. AND, when you have actors suffering from the degree of hubris that these kids aparently do, well, you end up with a movie where all the peope are basically playing themselves with a few spins on who they think the characters 'really are.'

Now I only have one more left to endure, and most of is is gonna be newlywed passion and birthing. Holy Crap,.. I didn't think about that!!! I guess the worst is yet to come!!!
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Jul 10, 2010