A-team Sort Of...

Do not go see this movie if you think you're going to reminisce over your youth. However, if you, like me, can forget all about the television series, you'll do alright.

This movie was great. I loved it. NOT the old A-Team, so don't go poking around. About the only link to the old series that even remotely reminded me of that show was the liberal playing of the theme song at varying tempos throughout the movie. I have to say that Liam Neeson is one of my favorite actors of all time. He kicked monumental *** in Batman Begins. And he floored me in Love Actually (chick flick,.. the only one I haven't wanted to walk out of). Awesome guy, really well played. And, I have to say that Rampage shocked me. I actually believed that BA had taken the path on non-violence and his MMA moves on the bad guy were epic. [EDITED THIS PART BECAUSE i WAS INCORRECT HERE, RAMPAGE IS NOT A BODY GUARD FOR ANY SLEEZY MOVIE COMPANIES,... I CONFUSED HIM WITH KIMBO SLICE,.. I KNOW *SHAKES HEAD SADLY* I'M A JACKASS]. And what can I say about Murdock? Easily my favorite character (we have a lot in common) and I loved the idea of a mid-inversion helicopter stall, even though the physics is all wrong and that it is actually IMPOSSIBLE on every level to do that stunt,.. still, it was just insane enough and epic enough to work for the film. And, explain to me why a heli pilot knows a damned thing about piloting a C-130??? ...or a tank for that matter?? But, that's the kind of movie I LOVE. It doesn't have to make sense if its good. Hell, someone just might figure out HOW to make that helicopter stunt work in real life!!! So, go see this movie, cause I wanna know how they work out a sequel!!!
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Jul 10, 2010