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Knowing is an awesome movie starring Nicolas Cage as the lead character.  It is an apocalyptical film, similar to 2012, but a little more believable.  God did say he would never destroy the earth by water again – After the 40 days and 40 nights from Noah’s time…  This time it is by fire.
Nicolas Cage plays “John”, a professor of astrophysics at MIT who is struggling to raise his young son Caleb - whose mother died a year ago.  Caleb is in the same elementary school where a young girl named Lucinda attended in 1959.  Lucinda was part of a group of children who were participating in a “time capsule” program, where everyone was to put something into a capsule to be opened 50 years in the future.  She was just writing down a bunch of numbers while seeming to be in a trance.  When the class was finished, the teacher took her paper from her, and placed it into the capsule.
Flash forward 50 years to 2009, and Caleb finds the paper when the capsule is opened.  He has no idea what the numbers represent, and when John gets ahold of it, he discovers that the numbers represent dates, and co-ordinates of latitude and longitude.  He punches the numbers into his i-pod, and finds that every number coincides with certain events that have taken place in history where people have died, and the weird part is that after the co-ordinates is another number which is the exact amount of people who have died.  The numbers were never wrong…  One sequence of numbers was 911012996 – which led him to look up the 9-11 bombing.  The tragic event occurred on 9-11-01, and 2,996 people died.
As he comes to the end of the list, the numbers are showing him dates and places in the future.  When he actually catches on, he tries to prevent an event from happening, right down the street from where he lives.  He calls the FBI, and orders them to close off an entire city block, and if they don’t do as he says several people will die.  They don’t, and when he shows up on the scene they are expecting him…
A subway train derails, and smashes into th station, killing the exact number of people as predicted in the numbers…  John soon finds out that the last code is a code that identifies the end of the world.  The last two digits are “EE” written backwards.  He figures it out, the EE stands for “Everyone Else”.  A solar flare is in the making, and it will hit the earth with such magnitude as to destroy all life, as far as one mile below the surface.  There is no way to escape this.
It seems that Caleb is one of the chosen ones, and some strange people who are only referred to as “the whisperers” have been communicating with him through his subconscious.  They are telling him that he needs to go with them, but only if he chooses to… 
I’m not going to spoil the ending, but it is an awesome movie, and you need to see it in order to fully understand what I believe to be the true meaning of the Garden of Eden, and an explanation that is very feasible for the existence of Aliens…
MichaelDuMaine MichaelDuMaine 36-40, M 10 Responses Jan 9, 2011

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I was blown away by this film as well..Oh my goodness I love this excellent film that combines all of the biblical endings of the world as well as some interesting twists and turns into interesting story lines...wowow....what a powerhouse....

i really enjoyed this movie too apart from the wife character who made so many stupid decisions.

@ rcarter - they put them on another planet, and all the ships take kids from all over the world, a boy and a girl, with a male and female of each animal - our kids took bunnies...<br />
<br />
@ BT - That may be a cool movie... I better get to writing! LOL<br />
<br />
@ G. - I ain't worried about off topic... the group is "I love Movies", and that was a movie also - I didn't like it... But I do love all the predator movies (except the Aliens vs. one) LOL<br />
<br />
@ Willie - sorry someone messed up the ending for you... :-))

Ugh! This movie is really stupid. Aliens tell an obnoxious kid when people are going to die and something about solar radiation killing the planet. At the end, the aliens take the children up into space for some reason.

looks like you really pid attention to the story and plot. congrats.

@ Ching, thanx for the comment, and you are correct about that! :-))<br />
<br />
@ PP - love the guitar hanging on the back of the door! Sorry I never mentioned that before. :-))

@ PP - LOL You are so funny! No, I don't write every 30 minutes... I just had to post this one right after I watched the movie! I am happy that you liked this one (movie)! :-)<br />
<br />
@ CV - I only saw it the one time, as we had a free weekend of Showtime (all 13 channels), and wanted to see all the good movies that we could! I didn't make it to bed before 05:00 on Sunday morning. :-)<br />
<br />
Thanx for the comments!

Thanx for the comment, Diane! :-))

Right, Ching! If that is true, I may need to rescind my statement! LOL

Luxman, I also agree with you... RE: Angels vs Aliens... I think what we refer to as aliens ARE Angels. They are trying to contact us, and we just try to cut them apart and run experiments on them...<br />
<br />
@ G., We were watching the same movie at the same time on the same channel! Is that odd, or what? When it was over, I just HAD to post a review!<br />
<br />
Thanx for the comments!

I agree that Knowing is a great apocalyptical movie. Very believable. But I think those were Angels and not Aliens. And people who were saved are 144.000 chosen ones.